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School’s In and You’re Out

The summer is nearly over already. Can you believe it? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was taking my finals in May and studying like I was going to the electric chair. I wake up one day and bam, one more week until the start of the fall semester. I can’t believe it, and I bet my fellow students can’t believe it either. Usually, colleges start up again by the end of August, and elementary and high schools by the beginning of September. So little time, with so much to do. I remember being a kid and hating the back to school process since summer was always the best part of the year. The return to school dread can be palpable, so here are some ways to deal with it in a healthy manner.

The first step is living your summer up to the fullest. There are a ton of fun, different ways to spend the summer, whether you’re a student or a full-time worker. I’d recommend all of my teenage readers to work some kind of part time job for the summer. This is going to give you such an advantage in the long run. I’ve been working jobs since I was a young kid, and I’m glad I did. When you work as a young kid, it teaches you so many invaluable lessons. It’s a flow of disposable income, w

hich teaches you how to spend and save money. It is also just plain fun to be a kid with money coming in. You can incorporate different spending and saving habits as well. Many people split it 50/50; they save half of their paycheck, and they use the other half to spend on themselves. Certainly don’t be scared to treat yourself in moderation, you deserve it.

Having a job as a young kid also gives you a slice of the real world. It truly depends on the kind of job you work, but whether it’s manual labor or retail, working a job shows you what the outside world is like. It’s not like high school or college, because there are many different sets of expectations. When you go from school to a work environment, it is completely different. There will be so

me people that treat you poorly, and while this can be challenging in the moment, this prepares you even further for the long run. Dealing with unpleasant customers or even unpleasant coworkers or bosses is far from desirable, these are all realistic situations that can and sometimes will happen.

Learning how to deal with mature, adult situations in everyday life in and outside of the workplace can be a tough challenge, so the sooner you learn to deal with them, the better. All kinds of jobs are eager to hire young, energetic workers, so if you’re in high school or college, the proverbial part time w

orld is your oyster. Some popular gigs include waiting or bussing in food establishments, camp counselors, and all kinds of physical labor. That last one in particular will lead you to some intense character growth if that’s what you’re looking for. All of these jobs don’t pay gangbusters, but some of them in particular can give you tips, like working as a waiter. Tips can also be a great way to earn extra money on top of your working wage.

You can’t work all summer. Believe me. Most likely, you’ll have enough time off to spend with friends and family. That’s another great way to enjoy before school starts again. Take time to hang out with friends and family. The world is your oyster at this point. It can certainly be challenging to make time for a job, a social life, and yourself. This is a problem many people struggle with, even into thei

r late adult life. Another reason why having a job as a kid is great. It teaches you things at a young age that some people learn late in life. That’s what makes it all worth it though. Learning to juggle many responsibilities at once is what life is all about.

Juggling school can be its own article in itself. This is why so many dread the academic return. Summer is pretty synonymous with f

reedom, especially with school no longer being in session. Now, it’s back to the grindstone. No more fireworks shows or visits to the beach. Now it’s time to study and do way too much reading. This does not have to be all bad though. I remember when I was a kid, I would always look forward to seeing my friends again after summer. It’s so much fun to be with your friends regularly again. I look back on my grade school and high school years, and my fondest memories are just spending everyday with my friends. Whether it’s during class or lunch, hanging out and laughing with my friends is what I think about when I recollect on my school days.

I also remember the great bonds I had with teachers, and how many of the connections I made back then helped me be where I am now. Whether it’s having a good relationship with a teacher, or making a lifelong friend. Some people I’ve known since I was five years old I still keep in touch with, and they are some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. One of these friends to this day, still regularly talks with one of his teachers from middle school. That’s how you should view school; not as a chore, but as a way to lay the foundation for the rest of your life. Whether it’s making friendships that last a lifetime, forming good work ethic, or building knowledge, school is a wonderful place to be. View it in that light, and I guarantee you, you’ll be looking forward to school starting come fall.


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