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Ohana Homefront Foundation
Mental Health Department Mission Statement

Our mission at the Ohana Homefront Foundation's Mental Health Department is to provide compassionate and comprehensive mental health support to the Military Community. We are dedicated to fostering a safe and nurturing environment, empowering individuals within the Military Community to overcome mental health challenges, and promoting emotional well-being. Through innovative programs, education, and accessible resources, we strive to strengthen the emotional resilience of our community, ensuring that no one faces their mental health journey alone. Our commitment is to create a world where our Military Community can find solace, healing, and hope on their path to recovery.

According to the 2021 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report from the US Department of Veteran Affairs, in 2019 there was an average of 17.2 veteran suicides per day. Despite efforts to improve access to mental health services, the 2021 Blue Star Families Survey  indicates that families still experience barriers to mental health care and active-duty family member respondents continue to report difficulty scheduling appointments, difficulty getting time off work for treatment, difficulty finding child care, and concerns about confidentiality. The US Department of Veteran Affairs has received criticism for not providing adequate care. For example, a survey from 2021 found that around 35 percent of U.S. veterans felt health care from the VA was generally worse than what most Americans receive, while 34 percent felt it was about the same and only 21 percent felt it was generally better.

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