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Late Night Talking

I’m a college kid. School’s back in session for me. I’ve been doing a ton of writing as of late. I’m an english major, it comes with the territory. In this maelstrom of papers, I’ve realized I’ve neglected to take time to write for one person: myself. I’ve dabbled in journaling since grade school, but it was not until late high school and into college that I tried to do it consistently. Journaling has been something that I value in my life deeply, and I wish I did it more honestly. Whenever I have a challenging day, it is so cathartic to write all my thoughts and feelings onto the page. Everyone should give keeping a journal or a diary a chance, since the mental effect is so incredible and honestly not talked about enough in my opinion.

When I was younger, in high school, I never had any real interest in journaling. It always felt like homework to me. Why on Earth would I do something like write down my thoughts when I could be doing other things like hanging out with my friends or playing video games? Man, were those simpler times. I feel like now, more than ever, taking that time off to do something for yourself is truly important. There are some challenges to journaling however. The first being the consistency of it.

When you’re a student, it is tough to be consistent with activities outside of school-related events. Most students are already packed as is with commitments like classes, sports, and extracurricular clubs. When you get home after everything, most students want to relax and hang out instead of doing something like journaling. I remember having a health class in sophomore year of high school that made us do journal entries for a brief period of time. It was actually a really eye opening experience.

I recall not giving this journaling activity any thoughts at first. I just viewed it as another way to get my homework done. What I soon realized was that journaling was a great way to keep my day orderly and focused. It gives you a lot of power to take note of and keep track of all the productive things you’ve done throughout the day. It’s also a great way to reaffirm yourself. Writing things into the world, like stuff you want to be better at, or new hobbies or activities you want to try can make a world of difference. High school me learned these lessons, and I still hold onto them even now.

The other night, I was talking with my friend. We had a great, long conversation. It was one of those moments where when the conversation is over, you feel lighter in your heart. I mentioned to my friend how I’m trying to be better at journaling. I told my friend “I used to journal all the time in high school and early college, but I’ve been slacking lately because I’m so busy”. He also journals quite a bit, more than me, so I respect that determination. This conversation reminded me how I should journal more. Whenever you journal, if you put in even a little bit of effort, you can have that deep, late-night talk with your friend whenever you want.


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