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Family & Fall

The fall is such a great time. I always loved how the leaves change colors and how the weather gets cooler. One of my favorite memories of my childhood was jumping through and playing in the massive leaf piles. I would do this throughout my entire grade school to high school career. This is just one of the many warm, cozy memories I have to associate with this cool season. Whenever I think back to these memories, my mind can’t help but conjure up pictures of my friends and family being there as well.

My mind immediately goes to apple picking. It’s one of my favorite activities to do in the fall. Whether I’m with my grandma, or my best friends, picking apples in the cool September air is just so relaxing. Similar activities in nature are great, like pumpkin picking, but apple picking is at the top for me. Whatever activity you’re doing in the fall, as long as it is outside, it’s bound to make you feel great. Variety is the spice of life, so do a ton of outdoor activities with anyone you want. Planning a family weekend or a getaway day with a close friend group does wonders for de-stressing and mental health, especially when your schedule gets busy and overwhelming.

Mental health is the focus here. Seasonal depression is certainly an elephant in the room. When things change, people struggle a lot with mental health. Whether it’s the weather getting colder, or school or work starting up again. I’ve written about this before, but what helps me, especially in the fall, is journaling. There is something so comforting about cozying up with a journal, a blanket, and a warm cup of your preferred beverage, and unwinding. Reading can also have the same effect in this case. Reading is a ton of fun year-round, but there’s something special about doing it during the cooler times of the year.

There are also a ton of indoor activities you can get up to during the autumn season. Another fun memory I have from my childhood was when we had a blackout in my neighborhood. My family and I were holed up for a weekend, but we passed the time by playing board games and playing with dominoes. I also remember all of us spending the day at the local bookstore. I’m not saying you need a blackout to inspire you to have a good time, but even when things are tough, you can find a good time with your family. Elephant in the room of course, it’s October. Halloween movies are classics. Personally for me I love “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

You could argue it’s a Christmas movie, or a Halloween movie, I’d say it’s both and works for both occasions. A win-win. All this stuff I mentioned before applies as well. Gather some friends and family and everyone in between and have a spooky Halloween movie night. Throw in a party on top of that and you got yourself a banger of a weekend. I’m more of a laid back kind of person, so I’m not a huge party guy, but a small get together can be fun as well. That’s the main crux of this season if you ask me. Getting together and spending time with those you love. It’s a nice precursor to winter, where the real cozy vibes start. Try to spend the rest of the fall with people you love. That’s the only way to spend it if you ask me.


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