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Reaching Out

Winnie Fannon,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Ambassador & Military Spouse Peer-to-Peer Support Advocate


Winnie, who once stood as a Marine spouse, now calls the picturesque Oahu, Hawaii, her home, though she has spent many years in the dynamic city of Singapore. Her life has been a tapestry of extensive travels across the Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia, experiences that have shaped her into a cultural chameleon. With her unique perspective, she effortlessly connects with people from a multitude of cultural backgrounds and life stories.

Her journey is deeply intertwined with mental health advocacy, a cause close to her heart due to personal encounters with depression and anxiety within her family. Understanding the societal stigma and silence surrounding these issues, Winnie is driven to create a welcoming community space. Her vision is a sanctuary where individuals feel acknowledged, heard, and genuinely at ease.

In her current role, Winnie collaborates with a Mental Wellness company as an affiliate. She stands at the forefront of advocating for holistic well-being, guiding people to lead vibrant, fulfilling lives without dependence on sugar, caffeine, or medication. Her mission is to help others embrace a life of vitality and balance, breaking free from conventional crutches.

My Why...

To let people know that they are NOT ALONE, normalizing conversations that are hard and painful. But by doing so, we make space and permission for others to be heard, to heal and to be hopeful.

My Core Values...

Authenticity * Love * Empathy * Pleasure

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