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Reaching Out

Shakiyah Demelien,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Counselor (South Carolina)


Shakiyah Demelien is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and Certified Life Coach. She is the CEO of Intrinsic Growth, LLC a Counseling and Coaching Organization. She can help you develop your inner strengths and talents and accomplish significant goals, such as going from burnt out to living your best life or just learning how to work this ‘life thang’ so that you can live life stress-free and still enjoy it.

Coach Shakiyah utilizes her signature proven technique the 3E’s model (Enrich, Encourage, and Empower), which utilizes her years of experience with developing young minds into leaders and her knack for identifying and developing individuals’ inner strengths. She makes a living as a young professional what it should be - “fun and fulfilling.

Coach Shakiyah has a witty personality and never sugarcoats the truth; this makes her coaching techniques so effective. (No more hand-holding) She is devoted to continuing her growth as an individual and a professional. Coach Shakiyah can help you see your dynamic future.

She is a Nationally certified counselor. She earned her Master’s from Liberty University in Professional Counselling. She is also a Certified Life Coach from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County.

"The Power of Growth is Within You"

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