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Reaching Out

Robin Dixon,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Ambassador &
Mental Health Department Programs Manager


Robin Dixon is an Army National Guard veteran and an active-duty Navy spouse. Robin and her husband, Stephen, are currently raising two young men and their two rescued pups in Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated with her baccalaureate in Forensic Psychology and will begin working on her master’s in forensic behavioral science, emphasizing both linguistics and crisis response, starting in the Fall of 2023. Robin is an outdoors kind of girl! She feels both grounded and at peace when she is one with nature.

Robin is passionate about both crisis response and addiction rehabilitation, and she feels truly grateful that she has been able to serve both the military and civilian communities since 2019. By working with veterans on closed units and serving active duty and their spouses in a crisis setting, she has been trained to de-escalate crises by using trauma-informed language and empathy while working with those in need. She stated that “these years in behavioral health have been some of the most intrinsically rewarding years of my life!” Robin is extremely excited to become a part of the OHF team so that she can use her compassion and her skills to cater to the military population as a whole in the fight to eliminate suicide within our military communities.

My Why...

My Core Values...

Compassion * Integrity * Loyalty

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