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Reaching Out

Rhiley Greathouse,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Care Coordinator


Rhiley Greathouse is currently in school for psychology and is pursuing a career in clinical psychology in the military. Being a child of a veteran and in a military relationship, Rhiley is very passionate about the need she has seen for all of the people who serve our country! 

My Why...

One of the most commonly repeated mantra's in my childhood was "This is not really your Dad"; day in and day out people would try to explain to me that his service just changed him and there was nothing to be done but be okay with that. A five year old does not understand the ins and outs of PTSD, and a five year old most definitely does not understand why their parent can protect us and our freedom but then be written off afterwards. As a child I wrote off the entire system of the military because it never made sense that my biological dad changed in the military and the military would not help him cope with those changes. As an adult I realize that simple changes in the resources that are around for people in the military can provide them with the help that my biological father was never granted. Mental Health branches into so many aspects of life, and moving forward I believe we as a country should be better at protecting the mental health of the people that protect us.

My Core Values...

Honesty/Transparency * Accountability * Empathy

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