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Reaching Out

Natalie Ealy,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Co-Founder/CEO

Natalie (3).png

Natalie Ealy founded OHF in 2021 with fellow MilSpouse, Sarah Otto.


Natalie is an active duty Marine spouse of 20+ years. Her family includes her 2 children and a son-in-law who is also an active duty Marine, & her 2 fur babies. As an active duty spouse, her & her family have been stationed all over the country. She has worked in the medical field for several years, but her passion is volunteering in our military community especially with programs that benefit other spouses. At each duty station she has served on either executive or general board of nonprofits on that installation.


Natalie believes we should do what we can to make our military community better than when we entered it.

My Why...

I wanted a place where people can feel safe.  Somewhere they can come and say "I'm not okay right now".  I was tired of seeing my friends in the military suffer and being told to "come back later" or "we can fit you in next week" from our healthcare providers and hospitals. For military spouses and children to have someone to talk to in a safe place when we aren't feeling our best self.  A place for our caretakers to turn to instead of feeling like they are on their own.

My Core Values...

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