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Reaching Out

Jerad Knight,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Client Advocate


Jerad "JT" Knight was born the middle of three children in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jerad always knew that he wanted to travel and escape small town life and at the age of 17, he joined the US ARMY. Jared had an exciting, full career and traveled extensively.

Jared is married to his husband, and best friend, Shaun, who is an Active Duty Navy Sailor.

Together they have 4 cats and enjoy comic con, zombies and Dr. WHO...

Jared's passion is helping our military members, their spouses and their dependents find and grow their passion while bringing attention to the issues that impact this nomadic, yet tied down, community.

My Why...

Having lost friends in the Military Community to suicide makes me passionately angry at the lack of services and resources. I have lost friends after deployments. The war inside their minds doesn't end after the deployment ends. The scars and damages of war don't magically go away when they get sent home. I have lost friends in the military to suicide when the stress of the job and being isolated from friends and family became too much. The military for too long would say "If you need help tell someone." but, as soon as they told the command they needed help they were faced with losing security clearances and opportunities. Some were faced with discharge and those actions compounded the already fierce mental anguish. That's why I advocate for change and progress. That's why its time to say enough is enough and if the military can't step up then I can.

My Core Values...

Active Advocacy * Honesty * Faith

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