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Reaching Out

Eleanor Haack,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Chief of Staff


Eleanor is a person who is on fire about God, life, family and community. She is married to Austin and considers herself a proud military (Navy) wife. Eleanor is also an all-hands-on-deck, mom of 3 special needs boys, 10, 4 and 3 years of age. Eleanor and Austin, along with the children regularly attend and are active in the local church.


Eleanor holds a passion about helping service families navigate all seasons of military life. She actively volunteers in her local military community, including serving on her Family Readiness Group Board.


Eleanor is currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Christian Counseling from Liberty University. Her goal is to use her degree in order to better serve the military community, with an emphasis on the family as a whole.

My Why...

I volunteer with the Ohana Homefront Foundation because I believe in the power of empathy, support, and the profound impact of accessible care for service members, their families, veterans, and caregivers. As a military spouse, I intimately understand the unique challenges and sacrifices that come with this lifestyle, and I am deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of those who serve our country.

My journey has not been without its struggles, particularly with depression and thoughts of suicide. These personal experiences have illuminated the critical importance of mental health support and accessible resources. It has reinforced my belief that no one should have to face these battles alone, and everyone should have the opportunity to receive the care they need without barriers.

What sets the Ohana Homefront Foundation apart for me is their unwavering dedication to treating everyone they encounter as family. They've created a supportive community where compassion, understanding, and care are at the core of their mission. Being part of a team that shares these values and works tirelessly to provide free and accessible care to those who have served our nation is not just important to me; it's a calling.

In volunteering with this remarkable organization, I am not just giving back; I am standing shoulder to shoulder with a family of like-minded individuals who are determined to make a difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Together, we are creating a brighter and more supportive future for our military community, and that is why I volunteer with the Ohana Homefront Foundation.

My Core Values...

Faith-Centered Compassion * Resilience * Empowerment

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