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Reaching Out

Celeste Titus,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Mental Health Supervisor


While her specialty has always been trauma therapy for teenagers, it was shortly after her youngest brother committed suicide that Celeste Titus decided to forever include Veterans and the prior military when considering new patients. With 2 Veterans in her family, her personal experiences help her better understand the psyche of those who have lived in a controlled environment, experienced personal trauma, or who have been in active combat. While Celeste has experience using Talk Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and also Art Therapy, she knows every situation is unique and is ready to explore the many therapies available until we find what works for you.

Celeste originally specialized in therapies for kids and teens diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which includes the whole spectrum from Non-verbal to High Functioning. Though it doesn't matter if you are a parent seeking therapy for an Autistic child or teen or an emotionally wounded veteran, she is ready to guide you to your solution.

Celeste’s desire to help people through their traumatic experiences or difficult emotions is both genuine and true. Her dedication as a Therapist should never be taken lightly. Celeste has developed an organic approach to the therapeutic processes that requires participation and consistency to Improve complete mental health.

My Why...

Why be a part of Ohana Homefront? That is easy. I had three brothers serve. When they all came home, each one had their own sets of problems. Trying to get them help was like talking to a wall. Sadly my youngest brother became one of the 22 Vererans that take their own lives. I never wanted his death to be in vain. I never wanted his life to be in vain. I swore whatever I could do to help the men and women of the military, I would. This is my why, Michael Paul Titus. 

My Core Values...

God * America * Family

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