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Reaching Out

Candace Guelzo,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Mental Health Department Chief Operating Officer


Candace is an active-duty Army spouse to her husband, Jonathan, with which she has three children and two Welsh Corgis. She has served in multiple volunteering positions, and has been recognized with the Commander’s Award for Public Service. While supporting the Soldiers and families of the First Infantry Division, she was awarded the title of 2020–2021 Armed Forces Insurance Fort Riley Spouse of the Year.

Candace is passionate about community service to support military families. Inspired by the formative examples of several other Army spouses early in her experience, she is motivated by a desire to help other spouses become involved in their communities and find a sense of belonging in their military lives. She has enthusiastically volunteered within each military community that her family has been a part of, and she continues to support her local spouses club, the USO, and other organizations that benefit the military community and spouses.

Candace has a baccalaureate degree and masters degree in Clinical Psychology. She is excited by the opportunity to apply her professional knowledge to her personal passions and focus on providing the ever-growing military family with impactful and positive improvements within the mental health fields.

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