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Reaching Out

Aleha Landry,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Board of Directors, Policy Director


Aleha Landry is a passionate military mental health advocate who resides in Colorado Springs. She is married to a military member, has four children, loves working policy initiatives, and hates cooking (but does a lot of it due to 4 kids!).


She holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration from Colorado Christian University and was named 2021 Armed Forces Insurance Schriever Space Force Base Military Spouse of the Year.


Her hobbies include traveling, working to fix big problems (the current effort is to fix the 15+ year military mental health provider shortage), and learning about random topics

My Why...

I choose to serve with Ohana Homefront Foundation because I understand firsthand the struggles and impact of un- and undertreated mental health issues, particularly within the military. These struggles and illnesses create ripple effects that impact the service member, the family, and even larger social circles. I advocate because I envision a future where these problems are addressed and military families are fully supported through the process to minimize trauma and provide essential support. 

My Core Values...

Faith * Integrity * Community

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