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Reaching Out

Trevor Bastion,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Community Liaison


Trevor Bastion was born and raised in Michigan, the oldest of nine siblings. Shortly after graduating high school, he enlisted in the Marine Corps as an intelligence specialist, serving in North Carolina, Maryland, Minnesota, and Virginia over a 11-year career in the military. Trevor married his wife Genna in 2014 and have three children together, Levi, Eliza, and Jonah.

During his time in service, Trevor experienced firsthand the lack of care available to service members and the stigma surrounding mental health treatment. He is a passionate advocate for mental health resources and increasing access to quality care for active duty service members and veterans. Trevor plans to obtain an LCSW licensure and become a therapist shortly after separating from the Marine Corps. 

My Why...

I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of OHF and am driven to be a part of it because I have experienced first-hand the inadequacies of our military-provided mental health resources and the stigma surrounding mental health care in the military. As an active duty servicemember, I have been treated at all levels of care from clinical therapy to inpatient treatment following a suicide attempt after many years of suppressing depression and anxiety. Fearing ostracization and removal from service, frustrated at the care I was receiving, and not knowing what resources I had available to help, I chose to end my life rather than continue suffering. I didn't know this at the time, but this is an all too common experience across our nation's military. Through the outstanding support of community organizations and non-profit groups I was able to find purpose, meaning, and direction again. I join OHF with a passion to reduce the stigma of mental health care for warriors, provide access to mental health care that is critically needed, and be a voice for others.

My Core Values...

Empathy * Honesty * Loyalty

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