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5 Ways to have a GREAT conversation with your partner!

Hello everyone! Are you struggling to have a meaningful conversation with your partner? Do conversations turn into arguments? I have five tips to help you have a great conversation with your partner.

My husband and I have spent years

working on our communication skills. We both feel it is important that we communicate effectively. My own experience has motivated me to share tips and tricks that I have learned over the years.


  1. set the mood! Make sure you are in a quiet place, have some water, and get comfortable.

  2. stay on topic! Pick a few things to discuss and stick to the topic. Do not bring up the past or get side tracked with other issues.

  3. no absolutes! If you say something like "you ALWAYS forget to take out the trash" your partner will be thinking about times they did not forget so they can prove you wrong. Not using absolutes helps everyone feel less like they need to defend themselves.

  4. don't compare! Everyone and every relationship is different.

  5. don't minimize! Some things are important to your partner so it is important to not minimize that.

I hope these tips help you have better conversations with your partners!

Have a great day!

Brianna Echerd, Social Media Coordinator, Ohana Homefront Foundation


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