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Reaching Out

Nathaniel Garcia,
Ohana Homefront Foundation Boots to Business Director


Originally from Bloomfield, New Jersey, Nathaniel Garcia joined the Navy in 2015 as a Gas Turbine Mechanic (GSM) to see the world and get a fresh start. Stationed in Yokosuka, Japan he enjoyed visiting the hidden gems of Japan between underway departures. While there, he met his wife and in 2020 left the Navy to pursue higher aspirations. Moving to King George that year to settle in their first house. For some time he worked at the GenOn power plant in Maryland until the environmental push impacted them. At that point getting his bachelors in business during shift work, he started a consulting business with his wife called Faithful Hound Consulting. As he and his wife know what it’s like to have zero support in time of need, they are dedicated to supporting people wanting to pursue their own dreams of ownership. Aside from work and completing his MBA, he enjoys time with his 3 large dogs, New Year’s Eve new born, and getting lost in the outdoors.

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