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Reaching Out

Emily Holley,
Ohana Homefront Foundation
Executive Personal Assistant to Chief of Staff


Emily is a dedicated 19-year-old dependent with a background in administration support. Her strong passion for the military community, particularly dual military families and their dependents, drives her to make a positive impact. She aspires to assist the executive team while simultaneously contributing to peer-to-peer programs designed to support teenage girl dependents as they navigate the challenges of military dependent life. Emily's commitment and empathy make her a valuable asset in empowering and strengthening the military community as a whole.

My Why...

I volunteer with Ohana Homefront Foundation because I've been a military dependent all my life. Growing up in the military community, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges and struggles that come with deployments and the often limited resources available for families like mine. These experiences have taken a toll on my mental health.

I'm passionate about giving back, especially to military kids who face unique challenges. I want to be a source of support and understanding for them, to help them navigate the difficulties I've encountered throughout my life. Ohana Homefront Foundation provides me with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of military families and their children, and that's why I'm dedicated to volunteering with them.

My Core Values...

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